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Whether your company was born in the cloud or is now incorporating cloud into overall IT strategy, achieving fully automated, transparent, and manageable cloud infrastructure can be elusive. Why? Because traditional IT issues still exist:

Organization: Server, virtual machine, and image sprawl. Can you keep it all in context?
Responsiveness: Lofty goals and SLAs. Is your IT innovating as fast as your business?
Transparency: Usage tracking. Chargeback. Want to allocate based on use?
Vendors: Lock-in. Integration. Have the freedom that you want?

Plus, there are new issues to resolve with cloud computing:

Standards: Proliferating clouds. No one standard. Do your clouds talk to each other?
Security: Life outside the firewall can be scary. Have the tools to secure yourself?
IT leakage: Anyone can launch a server with a credit card. Are you ready?
Resiliency: Clouds are built from ephemeral, commodity resources. They are built to fail. Is your application?